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Proper Installation

Producing flames from our Flame Kitz Exhaust Kitz
sometimes takes practice. Don't jump to conclusion
and think that your new Flame Kit doesn't work. If
installed properly, every kit should produce a flame.
There is no guarantee on the size of the flame your
kit can produce. Flame size will depend on your
upgrades to your car and may require some
professional tuning to produce really big flames.
Flame sizes don't depend on the quality of the kit
you purchase. The important thing is the
performance of your car and how you have it tuned.

Flame Kitz are easy to install with detailed
instructions and wiring diagrams. Take caution
when handling or mounting the control module and
make sure to install it in a dry convenient location
in the cab, under the dash, or in the trunk.

When connecting wires on the Flame Kit make sure
that all connections are solid. Be sure to seal any
holes in your exhaust system so that your Flame Kit
will work properly and safely without hesitation.
When working with fire, gas and electricity they can
be very dangerous, so make sure all wires are
secured with electrical tape with no bare wires
exposed. All connectors that are supplied with Kitz
are HIGHLY recommended for installation of Flame
Kitz, and to also wrap them in electrical tape when
finished connecting a wire. This can also prevent
unwanted electrical fires.

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